About us

Hazina is a Swahili word that means treasure. Hazina Equity Partners is an investment vehicle through which exchanges of thoughts and actions lead to impact investing.

We invest in our client's treasure by placing their valuables in companies and environments where their returns go beyond increased wealth.

We give our clients the satisfaction of knowing that we leverage the treasures they entrust to create opportunities and economic empowerment worldwide.

Our belief

At Hazina Equity Partners, we believe that each investment has the opportunity to create a ripple effect to impact pressing global challenges.

We provide an investment vehicle for our investors to deploy capital through curated investment opportunities that produce enhanced financial returns.

Through our value exchange model, we create sustainable partnerships for successful outcomes.

Our investment approach

Hazina stands apart from its competitors because of our unique investment approach.

We pride ourselves on our extensive and established networks, experienced and robust team, proprietary deal sourcing process, and interest alignment.

We express our approach in our Three Cs Model- Communication, Commitment, and Consistency.

We deliver superior risk adjusted returns